Why I love ClassDojo? 

As a teacher, I used different styles and/or tactics in managing my class. My principal and colleagues would ask me what do I do inside the classroom that I dont send students in the office. Why Student A is behaving well in my class compared to the other classes?

I am not saying I am a perfect teacher or I have a great classroom management skills…but one thing I learned as a teacher and as a mother is not one single method will always work.

From Clip Chart to sticker/stamp rewards to time-out corner to reflection time…name it! I tried all of them even with my own son (except the Clip Chart :)) and with my students.

Then I came across ClassDojo, read the reviews and tried it at home first. I do have some concern before using this App: 1. In our school (Phuket, Thailand) we don’t have an interactive board or a smart board (but i have computer and tv in my classroom). 2. Displaying red or bad behavior points or low points may make other students feel bad about themselves (but this is not different to clip chart right?) 3. How do we (management) monitor messages between teachers and parents (this one can be a matter of trust).

After some series of experiments and trouble shooting, we started introducing this to all our teachers and parents. We encouraged our teachers to use this free app wisely and professionally. I, myself doesnt believe in reward system but even if my students don’t get anything from those points. This App has helped me in a lot of ways. One is monitoring the attendance. Second, paperless behavior tracking. Third, easy communication between teachers and the parents. 4th, there is a ClassDojo community filled with amazing people that inspire and help each other.

Another good news is I am now a ClassDojo Mentor after using it for a year! You get a Mentor badge on your CD account and to be honest it gives you a boost!!

 It is so easy to use and the ClassDojo people are awesome. They answer your queries in about 24hrs or even less! Here’s a link on how to get started : https://www.classdojo.com/resources/

If you have any question or is already a ClassDojo user let me know by commenting below. Share with me your thoughts about this app. 🙂
Did I mention, I also use ClassDojo at home?  🙂


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