Top 10 Classroom Preparations

I just want to share my top 10 list to make sure my classroom is ready for the new school year. 

1. Bulletin Board – for me I have one for Math, one for Science, and one for displaying best works.

2. Calendar – whether I’m teaching grade 1 or Grade 9, I want my calendar to be colorful and informative. 

3. Classroom Rules 

4. Whiteboard – I decorate my white board, from the border to what I want to put on and around the whiteboard. I usually have here the Homework, Objectives, date,class schedules, positive  quotes, and other important reminders. 

5. Birthday reminders – you don’t want to miss one birthday of your kids or else… 

6. Book shelves

7. Stationary or school supplies 

8. Tables & chairs

9. Setting up ClassDojo classes 

10. Last but not the least, lesson plans!

If you have other things to add or have your own top lists in preparing your classroom, please comment below and we’ll have an interesting discussion! 🙂


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