Clipboard to ClassDojo

Here’s my top 3 reasons why I totally switched from Clipboard chart to ClassDojo

      1. Easy as 1,2,3! 

  • Just a simple tap for a positive (ding!) or negative point (dong!)
  • Weekly or monthly behavior points is available using pie chart or a spreadsheet.
  • Parents communication is very convenient. 

        Here are some of the positive feedback I got from our parents: 

  Dear Fritzie

It is a very effective tool to communicate between us and i am very happy to use it,it is also working as a reminder for students to what they have to do after school for next days.  

My best

Hi Teacher Fritzie,

I think ClassDojo is a great tool. A good way to check on child’s progress without bothering teachers all the time. The messages are a good way to receive feedback and notifications.



Dear Teacher Fritzie,

I like ClassDojo, I love that I can see some update on —– in each class and very convenient to communicate with teachers and school, though I still have to get use to it more as not sure if this is just for school sending me information or if I can also asking questions about my daughter through this tool, I have to google how to use ClassDojo! 😅 However hope you keep using this application for next scool year!

Sarina K.

      2. Ms. Forgetful No More!  

    •  I don’t forget to award or deduct points anymore because I always have my phone or iPad or my laptop with me. When I move around the classroom, ClassDojo is just a click away! No need to go to the opposite side of the room and adjust the clipboard. Besides, the students are more engaged!

            3. ClassDojo Team Rocks! 

    • Jenna, Manoj, Sam, Liam, Matt, Frances to name a few…the whole CD team is the most supportive, available team I ever met (hopefully I can really meet them personally)! You have a question, you have a problem, send a message and within 24hrs or less…they are ready to help you. 
    • ClassDojo teachers, especially my fellow mentors are the best!

             You’re all awesome!! 


      ClassDojo Inspired Classroom 

      Hello to all the teachers out there! As you all know I am very excited to use ClassDojo’s new features next month. I was also inspired by my fellow CD mentors on how they will use those cute monsters inside their classroom.

      Anyway, this is what I’ve done so far…our Classroom Rules!!!   classroom rules monster

      Here’s a Welcome banner with the Dojo monsters 🙂 


      Almost ready for next week classes…here’s the final product of my classroom. 


      I also shared the ClassDojolove to our teachers during the Teachers’ Meeting.

      All the new teachers have signed up! Yay! I’d like to thank all my fellow mentors for the inspiration and of course the ClassDojo Team for supporting teachers like me. 🙂   

      ClassDojo’s Class Story

      ClassDojo team doesn’t stop from making our lives as teachers fabulous! From the latest Group Feature, now they are introducing Class Story!

      This is something like a Facebook wall. It was at first called a Class Wall but as we know, the CD team always involves the teachers so it was renamed as “Class Story”.

      Class Story is the easiest way to share photos of the class’ experiences. I can’t wait to use it in my class for the coming new academic year. The good thing about this feature is that it has a read receipts, so we as teachers know if our message went through. It is also private as only parents who are connected to your class can see the Class Story. 

      I actually tried it using my son’s ClassDojo (yes, I use ClassDojo at home). This is how it looks like…

      This will be available through the CD App on any iOS, Android, and website. This is still on beta phase so for more information and to request access to Class Story, please go to this link:

      Naomi’s 1st Birthday Party

      Last July 31 was my baby girl’s 1st birthday. We decided to have a simple party last Saturday, Aug 1 because DF is also busy with his IDC exam preparation. I loved throwing or hosting get together parties way back in Singapore, but this one is different. It’s our little girl’s 1st birthday party so I really wanted it to be if not perfect…at least close to it!  

      I originally picked a chic red and black theme for Naomi’s party. Then while we were looking for her dress, DF saw Minnie Mouse clothes and suggested why not have a Minnie Mouse theme since it still goes with my red and black idea. So why not right? 🙂

      I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my baby’s party. From the invitations, to the designs and decorations, cakes, and food to serve. I didn’t have a party planner…guests were amazed on how I did everything by myself. Of course, I got some help from other people to have a second opinion on things.Is it too simple or too over the top? I asked my sister, Shylla all the way from Dubai (thanks to the power of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger) and my friend, Madz for feedbacks and suggestions. She also helped me print, cut, paste/glued some of our wall decorations, food and drink labels, cake toppers, etc. 

      Naomi was surrounded by family and friends who adores and loves her that day. I even had friends from Singapore and Germany who flew all the way here in Phuket to celebrate with us. We really are thankful and grateful for this. 

      Here are some of the photos of that afternoon. From the DIY set-up to food/cake preparations. 


       I did first the Minnie Mouse ears invitation for my colleagues and friends here in Phuket.

      The bow is made up of a simple 30ThB red ribbon for gifts and a 25 ThB decorative paper tape (polka dots of course). I bought everything at Julapan (a school supplies/arts&crafts shop in Chalong, Phuket).

      My dear sister, Shylla (of visit her travel
      blog site  too) created this for the e-invitations.  

      e-invitation by Shylla

       We maximized the space in our house.  We welcome the guests especially the kids with the arts & crafts area in the front yard.  

      front yard

       We put small red tables and chairs in the backyard.   Eating/socializing area in the backyard. 

      This is “Naomi’s 1sts” area. We used painting canvas for the photo collage and formed number “1”. On the table are baby’s first pajama, shoes, book, swimsuit, her 1st year hand & foot print, and we framed Kuya MJ’s poem for Naomi. 

      Naomi’s Firsts


      Mini water bottles and mini Coca-cola with the customized labels for beverages. 

        It’s an afternoon party so we served cheese platter, baguette, coldcuts, and veggies. 


      Of course the sweets… Because of the chosen theme, I baked red velvet cakes and cupcakes.  

      Home made sweets


      Red Velvet cake


      Mini Red Velvet cake


      Mini Red Velvet cake


      RedVelvet cupcakes

       We just have a very simple high chair decoration.  

      Naomi w/ her smash cake

      I will post some of the photos of the party in another blog. I want to thank my friend, Madz for helping me to print out, cut, and paste . 

      ClassDojo: “Group”Feature

      I had the privilege to be one of the teachers who tested the “group” feature before the launch this Tuesday.  I was really excited about this because I do a lot of cooperative learning in my class. I’m really glad that CD team are doing a lot of things to improve the system for  us…teachers. 

      Here’s how it looks like using the web:  

      Using the app: swipe to the right and you will see the grouping feature 


      How to add?

      • Choose a group name or ask your kiddos to give a name for their group later on. 
      • Select the student’s name for that particular  group. 
      • Click “create group” 
      • Repeat the same process until you’re done grouping all your kids. 

      This time, awarding of points to a group showing teamwork is easier. Select the group name and taddaa… + dojo points! 

      Additional update:

      Have a parent account aside from your teacher account? 

      —– You can now switch from one account to another without logging out!!! Yay!

      How? Click your profile, then click “switch account” found at the bottom of the screen. Then, there you can add your parent account. 


      Thanks to ClassDojo team!!! 

      If you want to know more about ClassDojo and this feature go to

      Revisiting KL, Malaysia

      Working and living in Phuket, Thailand is like paradise…NOT! Well okay maybe I am exagerrating. Don’t get me wrong, I like Phuket a lot. The only thing I really don’t like is when I have to renew my visa (I will talk about this in another blog). I chose to go to KL this time for my visa renewal for a change. Also, it’s been like 5 years ago when I last visited KL. It will also be our (DF) first visa runs together.  Here’s what we did and some tips during our 3-days trip in KL… 1. Book a flight. There are a lot of airlines that fly directly from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. Comparing fares and timings is very important for us (because we want to be at the Thai embassy early in the morning from the airport). In this case, Malaysia Airlines suit our requirements 😉 2. From the airport or going to the airport, I recommend to take the KLIA Ekspress (a non-stop high speed train service). This is a faster and cheaper way than taking a taxi. If you prefer taxi, then take the metered airport. No bargaining, no double pricing like that.   Here’s the link on the timing, fees, and other things you want to know

      Inside KLIA train

      Enjoying the scenery via KLIA train

      3. Then, look for a hotel. There are a lot to choose from and it all depends on your activities and preferences. For us, hot showers, a/c, good bed, and a wifi connection are the basics to consider in choosing an accommodation. We know that we will just use this room for showering and sleeping, so we don’t really need a fancy ones. Besides, our trip is just for our thai visa. But the best place to look for an accommodation is the Bukit Bintang area. Near the metro station, malls, hawker’s place, market, and night life.

      Our hotel is called MyHotel 🙂

      4. Food! – They say that Malaysia is a melting-pot of different races and culture…You have the Malays, Indians, Chinese to name a few. This explains the food choices available to us! It also reminds of Singapore foods.

      Nasi Lemak

      Turkish food – I forgot what it’s called

      We also went to Jalan Alor which is like 5 mins walking distance from our hotel. Jalan Alor is one of the famous streets in KL that has a lot of hawker stalls to choose from. They start to be very busy as early as 6pm.

      morning at Jalan Alor

      Jalan Alor around 6pm

      Jalan Alor

      Dining at Jalan Alor

      This actually reminds me again of Singapore’s Lau Pa Sat food selections.

      5. Tourist Spots…

      • Petronas Towers (Twin Towers) – This is 452 meters and can observe the whole KL at 170m above the ground by the Skybridge or Observation deck. Tickets are very limited and is only purchased at the ticketing counter. So you have to really check online the availability of the ticket and viewing time during your visit.   Try your luck and be there as early as 6am to queue for the limited tickets they are selling. If not, then just take a couple of selfies and admire the towers from the outside.

        Petronas Twin Towers

        selfies w/ PT

        Photo taken from the Skybridge of Petronas Towers

        Inside the Skybridge

      This photo was taken during my first time at the Petronas Towers. With me are my sister, Shylla (check her travel blog,my son, and my sister’s friend Bea.

      Inside the Skybridge, Petronas Towers (2009)

      • KL Tower : Where the famous revolving restaurant is located “Atmosphere 360”. You will not feel the rotation but you will notice that your views are changing. The prices are of course expensive. For reservation:
      • Central Markets, Chinatown, malls to buy souvenirs.

      Acti-Fry and Healthy Spiced Chicken

      Acti-Fry is one of my favorite toys in the kitchen. From guilt-free french fries to fried rice, and to mostly everything that are easy to prepare dishes. Here’s a simple recipe with my Acti-Fry. You may adjust any of the spices according to your preference.


      • About 8-10 pcs chicken wings
      • 1 tsp paprika
      • 1/2 tsp cumin
      • 1/2 tsp salt
      • 1 tsp pepper
      • 1/2 cup coriander (I love coriander so I put a lot)
      • 1 tbsp lemon juice
      • Lemon wedges (optional)
      1. Combine all the spices in a bowl.
      2. Rub the spices mixture all over the chicken wings
      3. Cook using Acti-Fry for about 15 mins or until your chicken wings are done
      4. Garnish and serve hot with lemon wedges.

      Let me know what you think of this recipe or share with me your creations with Acti-Fry.

      Real potatoes without the oil

      Healthy Spiced Chicken