5 (and more) Reasons Why I Want to Thank My Daughter’s Kindergarten Teachers

My baby girl is now 3 years old!! Geez! Time really flies so fast huh. This post is not about me as a mom of Naomi…this post is about her teachers in pre-school. Saying Thank You is not enough for these teachers. So I dedicate this post to all her kindergarten teachers. 

Dear Teachers (farangs & thais),

First, I want to thank you for really taking the time to know Naomi…her moods, her wants, her needs, her weaknesses, and her source of happiness.

She is not the shy and quiet little girl anymore because you make her feel confident in your class.

I want to thank you for helping us to teach her to be confident in using the potty. She now tells us when she needs to do number 1 and sometimes number 2.

Thank you for taking the time to mark all her activities. Her fine motor skills shows a great improvement because of your well thought activities in class.

Thank you for taking the time to do lovely hairstyles on her. Every time I pick her up in the afternoon, she always tells me “my teacher do my hair”.

Thank you for using ClassDojo for keeping me and her dad updated on her developments everyday.

Thank you for always informing me if something bad happens. I know that I can trust you and I know that my child will be safe.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your effort and most importantly, for making my child’s time with you fun and engaging.




Letter to Mama

Dear Mama,
We are celebrating Mother’s Day today. These days a mother  gets to receive countless messages from friends on different social media platforms.  You will see posts in FB, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, and etc how they appreciate and honor their mothers today. It’s good to see that  some will change their profile pic into their moms/nanay/mama. They will post a Skype session photo. Some will treat them to a fancy restaurant or to a simple  cup of ice cream, etc.

I remember you. I never forget you Ma. There is not a single day that I don’t think about you. I still have dreams about you like it seems so real.

Whatever I am today and what I hope will be is all because of you po.

I know that you have loved me and Pot/Shylla unconditionally. I saw how you worked so hard for our family.

It’s still sad though that you weren’t there when I gave birth to MJ and Naomi. You’re not there when I got some really good news about my job.

I hope I am making you proud. You’re not there when when I’m at my rough times. You don’t know how much I wish you’re there to comfort me or to give me advice.
Ma, I love you so much and THANK YOU!



Naomi’s 1st Birthday Party

Last July 31 was my baby girl’s 1st birthday. We decided to have a simple party last Saturday, Aug 1 because DF is also busy with his IDC exam preparation. I loved throwing or hosting get together parties way back in Singapore, but this one is different. It’s our little girl’s 1st birthday party so I really wanted it to be if not perfect…at least close to it!  

I originally picked a chic red and black theme for Naomi’s party. Then while we were looking for her dress, DF saw Minnie Mouse clothes and suggested why not have a Minnie Mouse theme since it still goes with my red and black idea. So why not right? 🙂

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my baby’s party. From the invitations, to the designs and decorations, cakes, and food to serve. I didn’t have a party planner…guests were amazed on how I did everything by myself. Of course, I got some help from other people to have a second opinion on things.Is it too simple or too over the top? I asked my sister, Shylla all the way from Dubai (thanks to the power of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger) and my friend, Madz for feedbacks and suggestions. She also helped me print, cut, paste/glued some of our wall decorations, food and drink labels, cake toppers, etc. 

Naomi was surrounded by family and friends who adores and loves her that day. I even had friends from Singapore and Germany who flew all the way here in Phuket to celebrate with us. We really are thankful and grateful for this. 

Here are some of the photos of that afternoon. From the DIY set-up to food/cake preparations. 


 I did first the Minnie Mouse ears invitation for my colleagues and friends here in Phuket.

The bow is made up of a simple 30ThB red ribbon for gifts and a 25 ThB decorative paper tape (polka dots of course). I bought everything at Julapan (a school supplies/arts&crafts shop in Chalong, Phuket).

My dear sister, Shylla (of heartandsole@wordpress.com visit her travel
blog site  too) created this for the e-invitations.  

e-invitation by Shylla

 We maximized the space in our house.  We welcome the guests especially the kids with the arts & crafts area in the front yard.  

front yard

 We put small red tables and chairs in the backyard.   Eating/socializing area in the backyard. 

This is “Naomi’s 1sts” area. We used painting canvas for the photo collage and formed number “1”. On the table are baby’s first pajama, shoes, book, swimsuit, her 1st year hand & foot print, and we framed Kuya MJ’s poem for Naomi. 

Naomi’s Firsts


Mini water bottles and mini Coca-cola with the customized labels for beverages. 

  It’s an afternoon party so we served cheese platter, baguette, coldcuts, and veggies. 


Of course the sweets… Because of the chosen theme, I baked red velvet cakes and cupcakes.  

Home made sweets


Red Velvet cake


Mini Red Velvet cake


Mini Red Velvet cake


RedVelvet cupcakes

 We just have a very simple high chair decoration.  

Naomi w/ her smash cake

I will post some of the photos of the party in another blog. I want to thank my friend, Madz for helping me to print out, cut, and paste .