ClassDojo Surprises

This is about the recent features that CD added to their tool. 

1. Quiet Hours – Oh! I love this feature very much because it can inform our parents that we, teachers are human beings like them! That we need quality time with our family/loved ones, and we are not nocturnal mammals. 

How to do this? Click your profile, then select Push Notification, then select your preferred time.


This is how it looks like to a parent.


This is how it looks like on our end.

2. Notifications – Like Facebook, we have now a notification button. Here, you can see who liked your Class Story posts, which parent is now connected, etc.

3. Experimental Features – I am not really sure if this experimental features are for just a certain amount of time or so…but I like it! You can post your goal points of the day/week, have a banner to post something positive/encouraging or topic of your lesson, and a full screen feature 🙂 

Aren’t all these awesome? 

Sign up and give ClassDojo a try! You won’t regret it! 


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